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Flutes are amongst the oldest instruments in general. The technology was developed by Theobald Boehm around 1847 however the modern flute in its present form has only been around for about 40 years with new metals and a new damper system. Since the modern flute with all its tabs, pads, screws, springs, axles, or rings is made up from more than 150 individual parts, you can understand how much work there is in the careful preparation of these beautiful instruments.
Material Insight: the lowest price flutes are usually plated. Because of the constant contact with this material, which in some cases can cause allergic reactions, we recommend that you purchase a nickel-plated flute, especially for children. Despite the name, the material known as nickel silver has not really got anything to do with silver. It is in fact an alloy of copper and zinc with a nickel addition of about ten percent.

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