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Brand Fishman Series
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Fishman Pickups and more...

In 1980 the jazz bass player Larry Fishman founded the company Fishman Transducers Inc. and begann to build Fishman transducers, because he saw the advantage of using the piezo-electro-technology for amplifiing acoustic instruments. After some years of research and development a range of transducers and active electronics became reality.

Today Fishman products (Fishman Aura Imaging Blender, Fishman Loudbox Performer, Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II, Fishman B-II for Acoustic Bass, Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup, Fishman VS-50P Powerbridge Pickup, Fishman VMV Powerbridge Pickup, Fishman V-200 Professional Violin Pickup, Fishman M-200 Professional Mandolin Pickup, Fishman Loudbox 100 etc.) are specialized, designed, built, tested and launched by a team of professionals, many of whom are musicians.

Furthermore, Fishman transducers have gained the reputation of being innovative. Nobody from this business holds as many patents or has contributed to the technology of amplifing acoustic instruments as Fishman.

Many well-known artists like Robin & Linda Williams, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney Band, Steven King, Barbara Kessler, The Rolling Stones, T-Bone Wolk, Paul Barrere of Little Feat, Ewi Heusser, John Cephas, Jeff Chambers, Tom Etter, John Hiatt, Jacques Stotzem, Pete Townshend, Sheryl Crow, Mark Egan, Ivo, Max Lässer, Toni Vescoli, Ben Harper, Krüger Brothers, Lisa Loeb, Fred Tackett of Little Feat, Laura Cantrell etc. make use of Fishman products.

Fishman´s electronics and pickups belong to the standard equipment of the best string instruments of the world.