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Ear Protection Ear Peace HD High Fidelity - Black

Ear Peace HD High Fidelity - Black

  • Feature1: Universally suitable, reusable and hypoallergenic
  • Made of soft, medical silicone
  • 2 filter: medium-protection (skin colour filter) with -11 dB and high protection (red filter) with -14 dB
  • suitable for: adults
  • Color/ Finish: Transparent
  • Material: silicone
  • Ear-Plug
  • Packing unit: 3 earplugs with two filters per plug
  • Accessories: Aluminium Case
  • Contents: 3 earplugs with two filters, aluminum case
  • 2 Filter: Medium Protection with -11 dB and High Protection (red filter) with -14 dB
  • COMFORT: Made of soft, medical silicone, the plugs are so comfortable that you will forget that you wear them. Universally suitable, reusable and hypoallergenic.
  • HIGH QUALITY: An aluminum case keeps your 3 EarPeace well stocked. Precisely processed, medium and high protection filters give you all the protection options and a performance that is leading in this industry.
  • BRANCHESSTANDARD: Metallica / RedBull etc offer EarPeace as their goods because we offer the highest quality hearing protection. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations

Ear Peace HD High Fidelity - Black · Ear Protection

EarPeace HD High Fidelity Earplugs are the best earplugs for your loud entertainment experience - whether you're on stage or in the crowd. The precision filters allow only a certain amount of free tones to penetrate into the ear. These earplugs provide comfortably excellent sound quality, you will forget you're wearing them. Designed to meet the discerning standards of musicians, EarPeace HD is perfect for the loudest shows, clubs and festivals. EarPeace HD are our most professional earplugs. EarPeace HD surpasses our original product with a more robust design, embedded attenuation filters and two filter options to suit your environment. Why should you use EarPeace? Great sound: you will actually hear better if you wear EarPeace at a loud event. The attenuation filters allow only a certain amount of free tones to enter the ear - they attenuate the volume, but without distorting the sound in the least. The music is clear and you will leave the party without a tinnitus. You'll even be able to talk to your friends comfortably. Comfort: You can wear EarPeace comfortably for hours. You can even sleep with the earplugs. EarPeace is made of soft, medically tested silicone. They fit everyone, can be reused and are hypoallergenic. Through the tab function, you can easily insert the earplugs into the ear and also easily remove them from the ear again. Style: EarPeace earplugs are so discreet that they are almost invisible. No one will see you wear EarPeace earplugs. The two-chamber case has a premium quality and has been upgraded. It is an accessory that you want to attach to your key chain.


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