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Dynamic Effects

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Guitar Effects Dynamic Effects Brand
  • Boss

  • Carl Martin

  • Catalinbread

  • Crazy Tube Circuits

  • Electro Harmonix

  • Emma Electronic

  • Fender

  • Fortin

  • Fredric Effects

  • Friedman

  • ISP

  • JHS Pedals

  • Keeley

  • Mad Professor

  • Maxon

  • MI Audio

  • Mooer

  • MXR
  • NUX

  • Okko

  • One Control

  • Orange

  • Origin Effects

  • Pettyjohn Electronics

  • Pigtronix

  • Revv

  • Seymour Duncan

  • Strymon

  • Suhr

  • Swiff

  • ThorpyFX

  • Tone City

  • Vahlbruch

  • Walrus Audio

  • Wampler

  • Z.Vex

Effect Type
  • Compressor

  • Noise Gate

  • Analog

  • Digital

Housing size
  • Mini

  • Standard

  • Medium Size

  • Big Size

Mono / Stereo
  • Mono In, Mono Out

  • Mono In, Stereo Out

  • Stereo In, Stereo Out

  • Mono In, Dry+Fx Out

Bypass Mode
  • True bypass

  • Buffered Bypass

  • True bypass or buffered bypass

Dynamic Effects

The pedals in this group are pedals which change the dynamic properties of the input signal. A classic device is the Compressor, a regulating amplifier which beefs up poor signals and brings down strong signals so that all signals are kept at the same level. These types of effects which found their way out of the studios are used on instruments for some of the following reasons. Same volume on all Guitar strings, very useful for maintaining a continous volume when using picking techniques and a clean strong sound, lengthening the sustain for your solo work or even as a limiter to protect the amp from too strong input signals which can cause unwanted distortion.