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Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6
Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6

Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6

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  • Finger style: Boehm system
  • Tuning: Bb
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Number of keys: 17
  • Rings: 6
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Black
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver, plated
  • Spring: Blue steel
  • Clarinet pads: Leather
  • mouthpiece woodwind: Urban Play Black
  • Barrel: 65 mm
  • Thumb hook: Adjustable thumb hook with ring
  • Including: Gigbag and accessories
  • Country of Origin: Germany

Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb-Clarinet 17/6 · Clarinet

The Prodige BC2541 by Buffet Crampon is a Böhm clarinet with 17 keys made of plastic. This makes it particularly easy to respond and yet it has a good sound projection.
With this clarinet Buffet Crampon offers the student an inexpensive instrument with professional sound.

Buffet Crampon Prodige
With the Prodige, French manufacturer Buffet Crampon has revolutionized the student clarinet! Now an instrument for beginners is offered that delivers an amazingly professional sound for a very reasonable price.

The essential qualities of the Prodige clarinet are its sound, ergonomics and reliability.

The perfect sound characteristics of the Prodige are achieved by the manufacturing processes in order to achieve outstanding quality in the long term. This is done in France and Germany, making Prodige the first plastic clarinet in this price segment to be manufactured in France and Germany.

Furthermore, the Prodige has a new bore inspired by the famous E13 model. This provides the clarinet with an unprecedented ease of movement, very good intonation characteristics and a perfect projection. To optimize the projection, the cup has also been completely redesigned.

The Prodige by Buffet Crampon is the perfect student clarinet, a good sounding and easy to handle instrument for a reasonable price.


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