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Regal Tip

Regal Tip's founder, Joe Calato, is dedicated to improving the drumstick, starting with the quality of the wood used, the drying of the wood, quality control for fiber straightness, weight, knots, warps and finally the famous Regal Tip PEF finish.

Necessity is the mother of invention. No one knows this better than Joe Calato, who revolutionized the drum embroidery industry in 1958. Before that time, only wooden tipping sticks were available. Although the sound was great, many drummers were frustrated when their wooden tips wore out too quickly. It was then that professional drummer and woodworker Joe Calato decided to make a stick that would last longer and offer a new, innovative sound.

For nearly 60 years, our family has continued the philosophy of consistency, clarity and richness of sound. These original standards for shelf tips have guided us through our craft, the manufacture of drum accessories. With the family's promise to put quality before quantity, the next generation understands the needs of the drummer. Musicians are artists, they want the best.