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Guitar Effect Bogner Wessex V2
Guitar Effect Bogner Wessex V2Guitar Effect Bogner Wessex V2

Bogner Wessex V2

  • Feature1: O
  • Effect Type: Overdrive
  • Technology: Analog
  • Special Features: Custom Audio Transformer in Signal path
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Level, Gain, Treble, Bass
  • Modes: 2 Modes
  • Switches: Normal/Enhanced
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass
  • Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative
  • Power Consumption: n. a.
  • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power
  • Boutique Effect: yes
  • Country of Origin: USA

Bogner Wessex V2 · Guitar Effect

The Bogner Wessex has also received an update: the Wessex V2 delivers a multitude of dynamic overdrive sounds - from light distortion to full crunch. A high-end audio transmitter is also responsible for the open, round sound in the signal path. With the enhanced switch, the obligatory "extra shovelof coal" can be added - powerful bass and silvery highs. The whole thing is housed in a pedal board-friendly Stnadard housing.


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