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Brand BC Rich

BC Rich

B.C. Rich

The company B.C. Rich many produces guitars and bass guitars. In the 70´s B.C. Rich also made premium classic guitars & flamenco guitars. The sound and the design of B.C.Rich guitars are made to suit the needs of Heavy Metal players best.

Pregnant to all B.C. Rich-instruments is the Initial R, or the swosched logo on the headstock. B.C. Rich guitars and B.C. Rich bass guitars often have a very sharp, edgy, aggressive shape and are very easily recognisable.

Kerry King, one of the guitarists of the thrash metal-band Slayer, plays the B.C. Rich axes and has contributed very strongly to the popularity of the brand. Here are some other bands and acts that use the B.C. Rich products: Aerosmith (Joe Perry), Animal, Anthrax, Bolt Thrower Coal Chamber, Death, Deicide, Abbath from Immortal, Jeff Cook, King Diamond, Kiss, Eric Griffin L. A. Guns, Lita Ford, Mara Fox, Max Cavalera, Metallica, Mick from Slipknot, Mitch Perry, Morbid Angel, Motley Crue, Neil Murray, Poison, Rick Derringer, Slash, SOULFLY, Static X, Tony MacAlpine, W.A.S.P. Pat O`Brien(Cannibal Corpse).

The best known B.C. Rich guitars are: B.C.Rich Mockingbird, B.C. Rich Bich, B.C. Rich Warlock, B.C. Rich Ironbird, B.C. Rich Virgin, B.C. Rich Beast, the models B.C. Rich Beast und B.C. Rich Warlock the NJ are offered as speedloader. These models are always configured with Floyd Rose tremolo. Some of the most known shapes like the B.C. Rich Warlock" and " B.C. Rich Bich", have been copied by other companies or build under lisence numerous times.

B.C. Rich instruments are well known for their high quality standards, the unusual Designs and an outstanding Sound. Maybe that’s the reason why more and more guitarists are switching to the hard boys.