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Brand Marleaux Series mBass

Marleaux mBass

The German premium bass manufacturer Marleaux Bassguitars from the Harz region of Germany has always enjoyed an excellent reputation in the scene, and rightly so, the processing and the associated tonal quality is quite clear, and without a doubt should be settled in the champions league of instrument building.

The company Marleaux sits in the middle of the Harz forest and has a forest license. This way, the required wood is acquired directly at the front door, the GPS data is collected and later entered into the certificate. The future owner can lace up the hiking boots and go on a quest for the origin of his instrument in the Harz forest.

Marleaux also calls his Basses the "Regio Tone Wood", when only 100% regional woods were used, that is if also Palisander, ebony or other exotic woods have not been wished for from the customer side. For this reason Marleaux, quite rightly, received an award from the German Ministry of the Environment.

The mBass is the SingleCut Ton-heavyweight model from Marleaux. The particular conception is the Glued through neck. Although the neck is glued as in conventional guitar construction, the end is lengthened and is connected to the side body parts in the sandwich process. Both concepts, glued and continuous neckgives a result the incredible sustain, a warm timbre and an incredible foundation. A sound experience, and we haven't yet mentioned the optics.

Marleaux Bass Guitars builds your wish instrument exactly according to your tonal and optical wishes, and Gerald Marleaux personally has visited, inspected, questioned and trained us. Speak or write to us should you wish to know more.