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Dingwall Combustion/NG-2

Dingwall Combustion/NG-2 · Bass Guitars

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Brand Dingwall Series Combustion/NG-2

Dingwall Combustion/NG-2

Finally here! Dingwall Bass - Ultimate LowEnd for the 21st Century. You can already see at first sight that these basses are not only designed in the most modern way, but also in this area, that is, here and now, lead the way.

In collaboration with the new star in bass distortion heaven, Darkglass Electronics and the super bass player Adam "Nolly" Getgood, bass player at Periphery and producer, among others of Devin Townsend, this signature series was designed. 37" at the low-B and 36.25" at the E-string speak a clear language. With Dingwall, the so-called fanned-fret method, in which each string is given the optimally calculated oscillation length, is also used here. The result is a hard hitting sound directly in your face sound with bags of sustain.