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Bass Guitar Amplifiers
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Brand Bergantino


For Bergantino Audio Systems, the statement of producing the highest quality bass amplifiers is not just a marketing claim, but a living reality. With many awards in the industry and positive feedback from professional users who rely on Bergantino products every day, it is quite justified. The founder Jim Bergantino has worked in a wide variety of areas in his career - from hi-tech electrical engineering to high-end hi-fi to the professional audio world. After developing custom bass enclosures for leading brands, he went freelance in 2001 and founded Bergantino Audio Systems. Jim uses only the very best transducers and materials for his speaker cabinets and amplifiers, and is therefore able to meet the specific design and engineering goals for each product. He continues to develop his own electronics with a future-oriented approach instead of just following the crowd. Bergantino bass equipment - made in the USA.