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Kick Drum Pedals Bass Drum Beater Brand AHead Series Switch Kick Subcategory
  • Single beater

  • Beater head

suitable for
  • AHead Switch Kick

  • Universal

Beater material
  • Brush

  • Felt/Fleece

  • Leather

  • Plastic / felt

  • Rubber

  • wood/foam

AHead Switch Kick

Ahead Switch KICK® Quick Release Bassdrum beater System. Revolutionize your bass drum in seconds!

It was one of the most exciting years at AHEAD USA. As a leading manufacturer of innovative percussion products AHEAD reaches a new level of creativity and functionality with the Switch KICK®. After seven months of developement they are now presenting one of the most anticipated new releases in 2015. The Ahead Switch KICK® Bassdrumbeater system! A real revolution, bass drum beater heads changed in seconds! Changing Bass Drum sounds in seconds! Height adjustable in 9 steps! Interchanging and adjusting without tools! Following beaters are available: Two-Way (plastic / felt), Sonic Kick (plastic), Felt Kick (felt), Boom Kick (fleece on felt), Wire Brush (Jazz Brushes), Vintage Boom (fleece on felt).

The US AHEAD team develope products for drummers from drummers: "We hope you enjoy the Switch KICK® as much as we do!"