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Aguilar DB Series

Aguilar DB Series · Bass Cabinets

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Bass Guitar Amplifiers Bass Cabinets Brand Aguilar Series DB Series Power Range
  • 201 - 500 W

  • 501 - 1000 W

  • Above 1000 W

  • 1x 12"

  • 1x 15"

  • 2x 10"

  • 4x 10"

  • 8x 10"

  • 4x 12"

Aguilar DB Series

If Aguilar is not already a first-class professional bass equipment, the DB series is the spearhead of the New York brand.
Road-ready, reliable and audiophile equipment for the big stages in stadiums and arenas of the world, take a closer look at the next football stadium concert and yes, the stuff is heavy There's nothing wobbly or flimsy about them.