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Transverse Flute Azumi AZ-Z2RBE
Transverse Flute Azumi AZ-Z2RBETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-Z2RBETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-Z2RBETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-Z2RBE

Azumi AZ-Z2RBE

  • Flute
  • Keys: Ring keys
  • Pointed Lid: yes
  • Tuning: C
  • Body material: Nickel silver
  • Material head joint: Sterling silver (925)
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (925)
  • Head joint shape: Straight Headjoint
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Offset G: yes
  • Foot joint: H-Foot
  • Special Features: Altus Handmade Z-Cut headpiece
  • Case / Gigbag: Case with Pocket
  • Including: Transverse Flute, Maintenance Tools, Case with Bag
  • Country of Origin: Japan / Taiwan
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Lip plate: Z-Cut
  • Mechanics: french style keys

Azumi AZ-Z2RBE · Transverse Flute

Effortless response, powerful sound, easy focusing: these are the characteristics of the Azumi Z-Cut series.

The most convincing argument for this series is the headpiece, handmade by the noble-smithery ALTUS. The headpiece in particular is the most important factor regarding response and sound. Special attention is paid to the manufacturing of the embouchure plate. Azumi flutes with the "Z-Cut", have a embouchure plate hand-crafted by the craftsmen of the ALTUS flute workshop. The flanks of the embouchure holes are laterally cut and the funnel of the embouchure hole is slightly undercut on the bottom side. This provides the flute with a colourful and expressive sound.

The Z-Cut is recognizable by the square shape of the mouth hole and contributes to the smooth response of the flute. Headjoint, body and keywork are made of silver-plated nickel silver, while the embouchure hole- plate and -funnel are made of 925' sterling silver. This supports the powerful sound character of the Azumi Z-Cut flutes. The pointed valve keywork increases the stability of the keywork and is made of silver plated nickel silver as well.


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  • Lubricant
    Reka Key Oil
    Reka Key Oil
    172 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Reka Cleaning Rod Flute
    Reka Cleaning Rod Flute
    387 Kč
  • Wind Instrument Stand
    K&M 15232 Flute Stand
    K&M 15232 Flute Stand
    360 Kč
  • Sheet Music-Stand
    K&M 10065
    K&M 10065
    1 042 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Reka mouthpiece cleaner / disinfection
    Reka mouthpiece cleaner / disinfection
    214 Kč
  • Marching Fork
    RMB Riedl 725 Flute single-hand
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  • Tuner
    Korg CA-2
    Korg CA-2
    472 Kč

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