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Transverse Flute Azumi AZ-S3RE
Transverse Flute Azumi AZ-S3RETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-S3RETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-S3RETransverse Flute Azumi AZ-S3RE

Azumi AZ-S3RE

  • Flute
  • Keys: Ring keys
  • Pointed Lid: yes
  • Tuning: C
  • Body material: Britannia Silver (958)
  • Material head joint: Britannia Silver (958)
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (925)
  • Head joint shape: Straight Headjoint
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Offset G: yes
  • Foot joint: C Foot
  • Special Features: Altus Handmade S-Cut headpiece
  • Case / Gigbag: Case with Pocket
  • Including: Transverse Flute, Maintenance Tools, Case with Bag
  • Country of Origin: Japan / Taiwan
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Lip plate: S-Cut
  • Mechanics: french style keys

Azumi AZ-S3RE · Transverse Flute

Inspired by the colourful sound ideal of the Altus flutes, the instruments of the Azumi "S-Cut" series offerplayers an expressive and multi-faceted sound in combination with an excellent responsive. These new tonal possibilities and the professional design of the keywork with pointed valves, which provide increased stability, make the instruments of the Azumi "S-Cut" series ideal instruments for ambitious flutists with the highest demands on sound and design.

These demands are met by the Azumi flutes of the S-Cut series, which are excellent models for playing successfully in orchestras, chamber ensembles, wind orchestras, but also as soloists and with many facets.

The flutes of the S-Cut series are easily recognizable by the oval shape of the embouchure hole, the S-Cut. The head piece itself is made of 958' Britannia silver. Due to its higher material density, this produces a more powerful sound with great resonance and a rich overtones. This allows the musician a very expressive performance. For a relatively easy response, the embouchure plate as well as the funnel are made of 925' sterling silver. As a result, the response is only slightly tougher than with the Z-Cut series. The player however is rewarded with a full tone.


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  • Lubricant
    Reka Key Oil
    Reka Key Oil
    174 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Reka Cleaning Rod Flute
    Reka Cleaning Rod Flute
    392 Kč
  • Wind Instrument Stand
    K&M 15232 Flute Stand
    K&M 15232 Flute Stand
    364 Kč
  • Sheet Music-Stand
    K&M 10065
    K&M 10065
    1 055 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Reka mouthpiece cleaner / disinfection
    Reka mouthpiece cleaner / disinfection
    217 Kč
  • Marching Fork
    RMB Riedl 725 Flute single-hand
    RMB Riedl 725 Flute single-hand
    1 130 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Brillant Silver Cloth 35 x 30 cm
    Brillant Silver Cloth 35 x 30 cm
    100 Kč
  • Instrument Care
    Brillant Silver Protection Strips
    Brillant Silver Protection Strips
    349 Kč
  • Tuner
    Korg CA-2
    Korg CA-2
    477 Kč

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