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For years the American manufacturer Audix is leader of the pack when it comes to pick ups for drums and percussion instruments, the hand mic´s are also gaining ground very rapidly. The reference list of users is getting longer and longer, here are some of them:

Alanis Morissette (OM5), Bad Religion (OM7), Ben Harper (D-series, SCX, CX), Blue Man Group (DF4, Micro-D, SCX, OM7), Blue Oyster Cult (OM5, OM6, D-series, ADX50), Bruce Springsteen, (OM-series), David Nelson Band (OM6), Foo Fighters (OM6, CX111), Gloria Estefan (OM5, OM7), Gyspy Soul (OM6), Jon Bon Jovi (OM7), John Patitucci (D4, CX211), Luis Conte (D-series, OM6, SCX, CX), Pearl Jam (OM7, D-series, CX), Placebo (OM7), Red Hot Chili Peppers (OM7, D2, D3), Roxette (OM5, D2), Shania Twain (OM3), The Bangles (OM5, OM7, D-series), The Misfits (OM5, D-series, ADX50), Willie Nelson (OM5), ......

The ultimate vocal mic´s
Audex vocal microphones have been developed to give musicians and sound engineers high quality production tools for perfect handling. A sturdy construction and the latest electronics enable faultless operation, a life long. No matter if used on a world tour, a club gig or for a studio session, Audix has the fitting microphone for any occasion. The large product range provides a perfect performance anytime anywhere.