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MIDI Controller Asparion D400 Bundle
MIDI Controller Asparion D400 BundleMIDI Controller Asparion D400 Bundle

Asparion D400 Bundle

(2 Ratings)
  • Faders: 8 motor faders
  • Knobs: 8 with LED rings
  • Transport function: yes
  • Jog shuttle: yes
  • Connections: USB
  • Footswitch connector: yes
  • Suported Software Systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10; Linux; Mac
  • Including: Asparion-Konfigurator-Software
  • MIDI-Controller
  • DAW Controller Bundle D400T plus D400F
  • standardized Midi protocol for Cubase, Logic, Live, Reaper, StudioOne, Sonar and others
  • up to 64 faders or 8 extensions
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 238 x 375 x 33 mm

Asparion D400 Bundle · MIDI Controller



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(2 Ratings)
5.0 out of 5 stars
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Great controller

Emil I. on 18.04.2018

I was searching for a good controller replacement of my old Behringer BCF2000 for mounts. I was surprised to discover how many inconsiderate controllers are on the market, full of useless functions.

I was just about to order Icon Platform M, when just by chance I read about Asparion. So even I didn't have the chance to touch and test it I order the bundle last month and:

PROS: The Asparion D400T and D400F are fantastically build and very solid. The Faders are smooth and solid as are the knobs. The buttons are soft but with a strong click feel. Over all the controller operates very smooth and quite (fader slide, buttons click etc.). The design and placement of all controls is really well thought-out, thanks to that all operations you can do with a single hand.

All functionalities of every button and knob are extended to the maximum. The buttons act on single and double click (all of them) and the knobs (encoders) act on rotate, pres down and rotate, click and double click, plus the EQ knobs have double all this when you use the shift button.

Everything on the controller is freely assignable through the included software "Asparion Configurator", including the jog wheel and the shuttle.

All this options make the controller compact and extremely useful, for example: to control single EQ band the knob works as:
- rotate - eq gain
- pres down and rotate - eq frequency
- shift + rotate - eq gain
- shift + pres down and rotate - eq Q
- click - on/off band
- double click - invert (or eq type select)

So using just one hand, one knob (+shift) you can control everything possible on EQ band. This is actually quicker and easier than using a mouse (which is the main purpose of using a controller). There is no other controller that can do that no matter the price.

In other words, the D400T/F is extremely flexible but more important it is very useful! the way it is designed.

The support from the Asparion team is absolutely fantastic.

CONS: The manual is fragmented and some deeper details are still missing. Also for the software "Asparion Configurator" there is not enough information.

No on/off switch, the D400 turns on/off when the USB port from the computer is powered, but some computers don't turn off the power on the USB ports and have to be specifically set to do that.

The Asparion D400F (the faders unit) can not operate alone, it has to be connected through D400T.

It will be nice to have a scale-print on the Faders

The price is a little hi.

Conclusion: All in all I can highly recommend the Asparion D400T/F controller, mostly because it is very well designed and thought-out and really helps in the workflow. Make sure you check it out :)

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