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Bass Guitar Set Ashdown Studio 8 Set

Ashdown Studio 8 Set

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  • Power at 4 ohms: 30 Watt
  • LF-Driver: 1x 8"

Ashdown Studio 8 Set · Bass Guitar Set

Accessory set consisting of:

- Tonträger TG10B/GB gigbag
- Musik Produktiv guitar strap in black
- AudioTeknik instrument cable with a length of 3m
- a mixed package of picks of many thicknesses
- Snark ClipOn tuner to attach to the headstock
- Ashdown Studio 8 30 watt practice amp with headphone output and line-in

Ashdown Studio Amplifier - 30 Watt Combo
The Ashdown Studio 8 bass amplifier provides the corresponding output. The combo amp with 30 watts output power and an 8" loudspeaker has a 3-tone control (bass, mid, treble) and is sufficient for entry level playing. An additional controllable AUX input can also be used to connect an MP3 player or similar. Plug in to jam to your favorite tracks. Headphone output with optional speaker mute switch make this lightweight bass the ideal companion for - hopefully - everyday playing.


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