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AMPEG. The synonym for power, tone and reliability.

Ampeg is an American company from Woodinville and is no doubt one of the first and largest producers of bass related gear in the music industry . It has stunned amp constructers time and time again with new innovations and patents. Even today after half a century the excellent traditional equipment is kept in the current range.

The Ampeg story is that of Everett Hull und Stanley Michael that started a business called Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs in 1946. They produced and distributed a bass pick up that had been developed by Hull. It was called Amplified Peg or short Ampeg. The Patent laid the foundation for a successful company that has always been good for new innovations and is seen as a worldwide stage standard. In 1949 Michael left the company and Hull chose the name for the company as it is today Ampeg. He gained six US patents for amplifiers, the most notable Ampeg equipment is the SVT series (Super Valve Technology) which has been in production since 1969 and has up to 300 watts of power. In 1986 Ampeg was taken over by the St. Louis Music Inc. but kept the name and the production range. Even the SVT Ampeg range is still in production, its well known for its tremendous power and is cult with many Bass players.