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Breath Controller Akai EWI5000
Breath Controller Akai EWI5000Breath Controller Akai EWI5000Breath Controller Akai EWI5000

Akai EWI5000

(8 Ratings)
  • Electronic Wind Instrument
  • Authentic Blower
  • Wireless stereo transmission (receiver included)
  • Including 3 GB sound library from SONiVOX
  • Lithium-ion battery with up to 6 hours of play time (charging cable and power supply included)
  • 8 Regulators for adjusting instrument and effect parameters during performance
  • USB port for USB-MIDI connection and charging the battery
  • 6.3 mm audio output and 3.5 mm headphone output

Akai EWI5000 · Breath Controller

The Akai EWI5000 uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection for wireless transmission. The corresponding receiver is also included. In combination with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this electronic wind instrument is ready for use at any time. For precise control of the sound, EWI5000 incorporates high-sensitivity sensors in the mouthpiece that respond to air pressure and touch. Eight knobs allow you to set instrument and effect parameters: Filter, Reverb, Chorus, LFO, Breath Amount, Bite Amount, Semitone Tuning and Fine Tuning.

Whether wood or brass, the EWI5000 extends the performance possibilities for all wind instrumentalists. EWI5000 supports different playing styles - the finger sets can be switched to flute, oboe and saxophone. The EVI mode (Electronic Valve Instrument) was implemented especially for the simulation of brass blowing.

Versatile connections

A USB MIDI port and a 5-pin MIDI output enable the control of software synthesizers, virtual samplers or traditional MIDI modules. A 6.3 mm output is used for connection to an amplifier. A 3.5 mm stereo output allows for quiet playing with headphones. EWI5000 can be charged via a USB cable or via a power supply. Both are included.


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