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Accessories Adam Hall 19" Parts 8758

Adam Hall 19" Parts 8758

  • depth: 300 mm
  • Height (U): 3U
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: powder coated
  • Colour / Finish: Black
  • Material thickness: 1,2 mm
  • Weight: 2,94 kg
  • 19 "mounting system for hi-fi sets
  • 3 HE
  • black

Adam Hall 19" Parts 8758 · Accessories

Only professional and expensive tapedecks, CD players, tuners, video recorders, etc. have a 19 "housing as standard, so you can often find inexpensive Hifi equipment in the most adventurous way clamped between 19" devices. It can be done Practically and safely using rack clamps. The hifi devices are simply clamped between the floor plate and two adjustable crossbars. Two L-brackets at the back and the folded front edge stabilize the device horizontally.

You can also use the Rack Clamps the other way around, then the two crossbeams are clamped between the feet.


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