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Taylor K24ce 2018 V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor K24ce 2018 V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar126 962 Kč Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition 2018 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor K14ce Builder's Edition 2018, Acoustic Guitar142 221 Kč Taylor K24ce 12-Fret Ltd « Acoustic GuitarTaylor K24ce 12-Fret Ltd, Acoustic Guitar112 636 Kč Taylor K66ce 2018 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor K66ce 2018, Acoustic Guitar129 238 Kč

Taylor Koa Series

Hawaiian Koa is most likely the most eyecatching of all tonewoods - breathtaking, unmistakable, great sonic capabilities and very exclusive due to its minor availability. Like no other series, the Koa series is dependant of the availability of a certain wood of a certain quality. This wood is exceedingly rare and the quality Taylor needs for the Koa series only grows above 1600 meters on Hawaii. These trees are normally private property and hard to get and hard to pay.