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Taylor 914ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 914ce, Acoustic Guitar121 908 Kč Taylor 910ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 910ce, Acoustic Guitar149 882 Kč Taylor 914ce 2018 V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 914ce 2018 V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar149 882 Kč Taylor 914ce LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 914ce LTD, Acoustic Guitar165 127 Kč Taylor 916ce Florentine « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 916ce Florentine, Acoustic Guitar157 504 Kč

Taylor 900 Series

The upper echelon of Taylor's rosewood models features the popular “Cindy” inlay, designed by Bob Taylor himself to honor his wife, Cindy, Indian rosewood binding, red purfling accents, and abalone top trim that also borders the fretboard extension. Among Taylor's three classes of rosewood guitars, the fine detailing of the 900 Series sets it apart with exceptional design sophistication.