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Taylor 610ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 610ce, Acoustic Guitar91 020 Kč Taylor 612e 12-fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 612e 12-fret, Acoustic Guitar101 425 Kč Taylor 656ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 656ce, Acoustic Guitar96 196 Kč Taylor 618e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 618e, Acoustic Guitar93 621 Kč

Taylor 600 Series

Visually and sonically, the Taylor maple guitars command a striking stage presence. The bright, focused tone makes these guitars a favorite for performance, recording and any band setting, while a variety of color and sunburst options serve to enhance the natural figure in the chosen maple sets. Other signature touches include crisp white binding and the Twisted Oval fretboard inlay motif.