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Taylor 522e 12-Fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 522e 12-Fret, Acoustic Guitar82 074 Kč Taylor 514ce (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 514ce (2016), Acoustic Guitar74 377 Kč Taylor 562ce 12-Fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 562ce 12-Fret, Acoustic Guitar82 074 Kč Taylor 510ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 510ce, Acoustic Guitar76 942 Kč Taylor 514ce LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 514ce LTD, Acoustic Guitar64 114 Kč Taylor 514ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 514ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar76 942 Kč Taylor 524ce V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 524ce V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar79 508 Kč

Taylor 500 Series

Singer-songwriters are often drawn to the Taylor 500 Series because mahogany yields its inspiring tone easily, with a breathy midrange and a wonderful balance of warmth, clarity and complexity. Taylor's larger body shapes (Grand Symphony and Dreadnought models) feature tops of Engelmann spruce, while the Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models sport cedar tops. The refined appointment package features a laser-engraved Deco Diamond inlay scheme, faux tortoise shell binding, and a dark body stain that honors mahogany’s enduring heritage.