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Taylor 314e (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 314e (2016), Acoustic Guitar51 286 Kč Taylor 326ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 326ce, Acoustic Guitar58 983 Kč Taylor 322e 12-Fret (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 322e 12-Fret (2016), Acoustic Guitar61 549 Kč Taylor 314ce (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 314ce (2016), Acoustic Guitar50 029 Kč Taylor 310e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 310e, Acoustic Guitar46 155 Kč Taylor 312ce 12-Fret LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 312ce 12-Fret LTD, Acoustic Guitar66 680 Kč Taylor 314ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 314ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar53 852 Kč Taylor 324ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 324ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar58 983 Kč

Taylor 300 Series

As introduction to the world of solid acoustic guitars, Taylor offers the models of the 300 series. Sitka spruce combines with Sapelli, a wood quite similar to mahogany, but with less pronounced mids and slighty spicy highs. Its sound spectrum and balance make it to a great choice for many playing styles. Part of the flawless and low-key appointments are black and white bindings, dot inlays and a triple ring rosette.