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Martin Guitars HD-35 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars HD-35, Acoustic Guitar81 280 Kč Martin Guitars D-28 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-28, Acoustic Guitar67 331 Kč Martin Guitars HD-28 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars HD-28, Acoustic Guitar80 010 Kč Martin Guitars Standard D-41 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars Standard D-41, Acoustic Guitar112 812 Kč Martin Guitars D-35 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-35, Acoustic Guitar73 658 Kč Martin Guitars M-36 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars M-36, Acoustic Guitar77 469 Kč Martin Guitars OM-18E « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars OM-18E, Acoustic Guitar83 796 Kč


Martin Guitars Standard

These Guitars state clearly why Martin Guitars have such a good reputation in the acoustic guitar scene. The models of the "Standard series" have been in Martins repertoire for years and have established themselves during the time. Many of the forms, designs and details have been developed solely by Martin.
During the developement, significant influence was given towards the instruments sound, as towards the scalloped corpus system of which can be found in many of the other models. An attractive hard case is also included in the delivery.