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Martin Guitars LX Ed Sheeran 3 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars LX Ed Sheeran 3, Acoustic Guitar20 762 Kč Martin Guitars OMJM John Mayer « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars OMJM John Mayer, Acoustic Guitar116 881 Kč Martin Guitars 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature, Acoustic Guitar99 990 Kč


This company has been making history with it´s acoustic guitars since over 160 years. Almost every guitarist such as Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Stephen Stills call a "Martin" their own and just swear about the legendary sound of the guitar. The X-bracing of the front was considered to revolutionary that not only gave it the optimal stability but the optimal usage of the instruments clang. As always all Martins are built in Nazareth in Pennsylvania, and of course from chosen woods only.