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Martin Guitars D-16GT « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-16GT, Acoustic Guitar47 423 Kč Martin Guitars D-16RGT « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-16RGT, Acoustic Guitar55 206 Kč Martin Guitars GPC-16E Grand Performance « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GPC-16E Grand Performance, Acoustic Guitar69 224 Kč

Series 16

Martin Guitars 16 Series

The most modern guitar manufacturing technology and traditional designs of the 16 series from "Martin".
A special hybrid embellishment cares for a free vibration of the front face and also for a open clear sound.
The solid spruce front is high gloss finished and the main body silky matt. This is an ideal guitar for musicians that require a quick response and full-bodied sound...also by the smaller guitars.