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Since 1935 music stands and music stand accessories from the American company Manhasset hold unchallenged the pole position. No matter if in music schools, clubs, orchestras or at the opera - the high-quality music stands from Manhasset can be found everywhere. The whole range is customised to the musicians needs and desires - that is Manhassets secret to success.

Manhasset has always kept to quality standards when producing music stands. And this has been the case since 1935 due to innovative and modern technologies and intern quality inspections. This way Manhasset has been able to guarantee high quality and excellent manufacture of music stands amd music stand accessories.

The wide product range of the company Manhasset consists of orchestra and music stands, conductor stands, double music stands for oversized scores or multi-paged music pieces, special transportation carts for changing location quickly and different practical fittings for buffers, instrument stands and other accessories. The elaborate and approved system has convinved professional musicians well and truly.