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65 Amps Colour Boost

65 Amps Colour Boost, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10080890
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Booster • Technology: Analog • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Gain • Modes: 4 Modes • Switches: Colour • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Power supply: 9 Volt DC, Center Positive • Power Consumption: n. a. • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Battery Type: 9 V Block • Housing size: Medium Size • Country of Origin: USA • Boutique Effect: yes • Operating with zinc carbon battery recommended
Selected components
NOS NKT 274 transistor
4 times Voicing switch
Point to Point wired Mid-60s when the British Blues Rock came out with bands such as the Yardbirds, Cream and The Who, the guitarists of that time looked for opportunities to" blow" their amps for more distortion. A variant were Fuzzboxes - another way was to use a treble booster. These simple pedals - a transistor and a handful of components - raise the high frequencies and the level, so that the downstream Amp saturated faster . The most prominent representative of this genre was the legendary Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster - made famous by Rory Gallagher and Brian May. 65 Amps has a modern high-end precious variant of this effect type in the program: the Colour Boost.. Only selected components used to reduce background noise.voicing switches, with which the 4 mid areas can be selected. Like all Treble boosters, the degree of overdrive the amp can be regulated with the volume knob of the guitar. The sound is wonderfully glassy and clean with no appreciable loss of volume.
65 Amps

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