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Classical Guitars 4/4-Size Guitars Brand Hanika Series
  • Basisklasse

  • Meisterklasse

  • Mittelklasse

  • Oberklasse

  • Spruce

  • Cedar

  • yes

  • no

  • yes

  • no

  • High Gloss

  • Matt

  • Natural

  • Highgloss top

  • Matt top

Back / Sides
  • Thermo Pear

  • Palo Escrito

  • Rosewood

Nut Width
  • 48,0 mm

  • 52,0 mm


Hanika has been a synonym for the peak of guitar quality for decades. The company is situated in Baiersdorf, Germany and was founded by Helmut Hanika in 1953. He found his way to instrument crafting during an apprenticeship as a luthier in his grandfathers workshop. His son Armin joined the family business in 1980 and obtained his master's degree in 1984 and is running the business since 1994. The small Hanika production line is split into four groups, beginning with the beginner’s model and ranging up to the top-of-the-line classical guitar. The four groups are: The basic class (Hanika 30MC, Hanika 30MF, Hanika 50MC and Hanika 50PF), the middle class (Hanika 36PF, Hanika 52AF, Hanika 54PC, Hanika 54PF and Hanika 56PC), the advanced class (Hanika 58PC, Hanika 58AF, Hanika Cut PC and Hanika Flamenco KF) and the master class series (Hanika 1APF, Hanika 60PC, Hanika FUSION PF and Hanika Flamenco ZF).
When referring to the "real” raw material, Hanikas master craftsmen rely solely on their own traditional experience. All tone woods are stored in the company's air-conditioned “treasure vault” for several years. The chosen wood for each individual instrument is taken from this reservoir to achieve the optimal blend between tone and optics. This consequence is carried on in the craftsmanship Hanika guitars are made with. For the building process, Armin Hanika relies on his experienced and highly qualified staff and thus only a minimum of machinery is used. The advantages of modern technology are applied only, when the precision of the craftsmen could be improved. Hanika – german guitar manufacturing art to the peak of perfection.