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3-Point Trusses

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Trusses and Accessories 3-Point Trusses Brand Truss Type
  • Deco Truss

  • Truss 25-30 cm

  • Straight Truss

  • Corner Truss

  • T Truss

  • X Truss

  • Angle Truss

  • base plate

  • 45°

  • 60°

  • 90°

  • 120°

  • 135°

3-Point Trusses

3-point trusses are typically used for smaller events. Here, often with two additional truss lifts. Very commonly used as circular elements especially if a back sheet is stretched over and used for the projection with moving lights or projectors. The 3-point truss is capable of carrying more weight than a 2-point truss. due to its design.