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Ortega Requinto

Ortega Requinto · 1/2-Size Classical Guitars

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Classical Guitars 1/2-Size Guitars Brand Ortega Series Requinto Top
  • Spruce

  • Cedar

Construction / Acoustic
  • Partly Solid (Front)

  • Laminated

  • yes

  • no

Ortega Requinto

Rooted in Mexican and Latin American tradition, Requinto guitars are smaller versions of the classical guitar with a shorter scale length and a much deeper body depth. Ortega's Requinto series guitars are not only suitable for Trío Romántico groups and traditional folk music, but are also excellent instruments for acoustic performances where amplification is not possible,. as they are much louder than a traditional small-body guitar.
Requinto guitars are tuned to A, just like Guitarlelen, but are larger in size.
In addition, these guitars are also great as travel companions.