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Sabian XS 20 SAXS1403 « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian XS 20 SAXS1403, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 269,- Sabian XS 20 SAXS1607N « Crash-CymbalSabian XS 20 SAXS1607N, Crash-Cymbal€ 175,- Sabian XS 20 SAXS1816 « Chinese-CymbalSabian XS 20 SAXS1816, Chinese-Cymbal€ 215,- Sabian XS 20 SAXS2280M Monarch « Ride-CymbalSabian XS 20 SAXS2280M Monarch, Ride-Cymbal€ 219,-

XS 20

The XS20 cymbals are manufactured using the same high quality B20 bronze alloy as the top series of Sabian.

By using a new, innovative and yet cost-saving technology, these "high quality" cymbals are surprisingly low price, and thus are the first choice for discerning beginners.

The full, balanced sound is molded cymbal (B20 bronze) are typical and the XS20 Cymbals versatility.