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Paiste Signature Reflector 14" Heavy Full HiHat « Hi-Hat-CymbalPaiste Signature Reflector 14" Heavy Full HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal£ 434,- Paiste Signature Reflector 10" Splash « SplashPaiste Signature Reflector 10" Splash, Splash£ 156,- Paiste Signature Reflector 19" Heavy Full « Crash-CymbalPaiste Signature Reflector 19" Heavy Full, Crash-Cymbal£ 364,- Paiste Signature Reflector 22" Bell "The Powerslave" Ride « Ride-CymbalPaiste Signature Reflector 22" Bell "The Powerslave" Ride, Ride-Cymbal£ 408,-

Signature Reflector

The Paiste "signature" was the first cymbal series, which was made ​​of the "Paiste Sound Alloy". This patented Bronze specifically designed for cymbal sounds.

The "Signature Reflector" version is hammered out by hand and on the unique "Reflector" highly polished finish.

In the Paiste Signature is excellent instruments that are suitable especially for recording and live situations where perfectly matched tools are needed. Drummers and percussionist who value their expressive power and precision to create rhythmic and melodic playing, these basins will love. Their sound potential can be best described as a fine, clear, rich, musical, sensual and colorful. Since its introduction in 1989, the Paiste Signature Cymbals have received broad support. Their sound is generally regarded as the ultimate cymbal sound considered.