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Paiste Giant Beat Multi 20" Crash-Ride « Crash-Ride-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat Multi 20" Crash-Ride, Crash-Ride-Cymbal€ 343,- Paiste Giant Beat 15" HiHat « Hi-Hat-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat 15" HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 389,- Paiste Giant Beat Multi 18" « Crash-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat Multi 18", Crash-Cymbal€ 296,- Paiste Giant Beat 24" Multi Ride « Ride-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat 24" Multi Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 476,- Paiste Giant Beat 14" HiHat « Hi-Hat-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat 14" HiHat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 359,- Paiste Giant Beat 26" Multi Ride « Ride-CymbalPaiste Giant Beat 26" Multi Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 556,-

Giant Beat

The Giant Beat series was already produced in the 60s by Paiste and adapted to the development of pop music and the many requests of the drummers. The series has been revised and redesigned and included in the program again since 2005. The series offers the unique, warm and brilliant vintage sound directly from the origins of rock history.