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Meinl 14" Mb20 Heavy Soundwave Hihat « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl 14" Mb20 Heavy Soundwave Hihat, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 389,- Meinl 21" Mb20 Heavy Ride « Ride-CymbalMeinl 21" Mb20 Heavy Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 349,- Meinl 22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride « Ride-CymbalMeinl 22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 449,- Meinl 12" Mb20 Rock Splash « SplashMeinl 12" Mb20 Rock Splash, Splash€ 149,- Meinl 22" Mb20 Heavy Ride « Ride-CymbalMeinl 22" Mb20 Heavy Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 648,-


The outstanding features of the Meinl MB20 Series, their aggressive and assertive sound. They are heavy cymbals with intense Handhämmerung B20 offers music with a lot of warmth and musicality at maximum assertiveness.