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Meinl 20" Classics Medium Ride « Ride-CymbalMeinl 20" Classics Medium Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl 20" Classics Powerful Ride « Ride-CymbalMeinl 20" Classics Powerful Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl Classics C14CH « Chinese-CymbalMeinl Classics C14CH, Chinese-Cymbal€ 89,- Meinl Classics C16MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C16MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 115,- Meinl Classics C16CH « Chinese-CymbalMeinl Classics C16CH, Chinese-Cymbal€ 115,- Meinl Classics C10CS « China-Splash-CymbalMeinl Classics C10CS, China-Splash-Cymbal€ 55,- Meinl Classics C18MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C18MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 139,- Meinl Classics 14/16/20 Complete Cymbal Set « Cymbal SetMeinl Classics 14/16/20 Complete Cymbal Set, Cymbal Set€ 449,- Meinl Classics C10S « SplashMeinl Classics C10S, Splash€ 55,- Meinl Classics C12CH « Chinese-CymbalMeinl Classics C12CH, Chinese-Cymbal€ 69,- Meinl Classics C12S « SplashMeinl Classics C12S, Splash€ 69,- Meinl Classics C14MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C14MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 89,- Meinl Classics C14MH « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl Classics C14MH, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl Classics C21MR « Ride-CymbalMeinl Classics C21MR, Ride-Cymbal€ 209,- Meinl Classics C8BH « BellMeinl Classics C8BH, Bell€ 69,- Meinl Classics C8BL « BellMeinl Classics C8BL, Bell€ 69,- Meinl Classics C8BM « BellMeinl Classics C8BM, Bell€ 69,- Meinl Classics C14PH « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl Classics C14PH, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl Classics C18CH « Chinese-CymbalMeinl Classics C18CH, Chinese-Cymbal€ 139,- Meinl Classics C22MR « Ride-CymbalMeinl Classics C22MR, Ride-Cymbal€ 229,- Meinl Classics C16TC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C16TC, Crash-Cymbal€ 115,- Meinl Classics C10MH « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl Classics C10MH, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 115,- Meinl Classics C14MSW « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl Classics C14MSW, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 189,- Meinl Classics C14PSW « Hi-Hat-CymbalMeinl Classics C14PSW, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 189,- Meinl Classics C15MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C15MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 99,- Meinl Classics C16PC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C16PC, Crash-Cymbal€ 115,- Meinl Classics C17MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C17MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 129,- Meinl Classics C17PC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C17PC, Crash-Cymbal€ 129,- Meinl Classics C18PC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C18PC, Crash-Cymbal€ 139,- Meinl Classics C18TC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C18TC, Crash-Cymbal€ 139,- Meinl Classics C20MC « Crash-CymbalMeinl Classics C20MC, Crash-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl Classics C20MR « Ride-CymbalMeinl Classics C20MR, Ride-Cymbal€ 179,- Meinl Classics C8S « SplashMeinl Classics C8S, Splash€ 49,-


Classics series cymbals prove matched sounds and outstanding quality of their worth. In addition, they are unparalleled in the semi-professional musicians an extraordinary selection of different pool types.

Classics cymbals are specially filmed, leading to an optically bright surface and a perfectly balanced sound spectrum.

B8 alloy (92% copper, 8% tin).