Crafter TS-10

Crafter TS-10

  • Instrument: Guitar and bass
  • Design: Clip-on
  • Chromatic: Yes
  • Metronome: No
  • Standard 440Hz tuning
  • Display lighting changes colour from orange to green when 'In tune'
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Crafter TS-10 · Tuner

This has to be one of the best headstock tuner available for price, size and functionality.

The TS10 is the new updated version of the popular Crafter TG200H tuner and works on direct coupled string vibration.

It has Guitar, Bass and Chromatic functions and the new UKULELE mode, with a tuning range of A0 to C8, and a bright, back lit LCD display that turns from ambery orange to green when the selected note is in tune.

Tuner · Crafter TS-10

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