Cordier Reed Trimmer Bariton Sax

Cordier Reed Trimmer Bariton Sax, Reed Cutter

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Reed Cutter • Instrument: Baritone saxophone • Tool material: Nickel silver • Blade material: Steel • Cordier Single Reed Trimmers for Baritone Saxophone Truly one of the best reed trimmers on the market today, the Cordier features a sharp blade that ensures an excellent cut and a regulator to hold the reed firmly while trimming. CORDIER REED CUTTERS The reed trimmer, a necessary item in the equipment of every single reed player, grades the strength of the reed in accordance with the needs of the individual. The strength of the reed is increased by shortening it a few tenths of a millimetre. Every instrumentalist, thanks to this simple but very important tool, can fit his embouchure to reeds which otherwise would be difficult to utilise Cordier reed cutters are the finest cutters for reed trimming, solid in construction and durability. Made of brass, nickel-plated. Accurate cutting with regulator gives absolute precision