Codamusic Rhythmik & Bodypercussion

Codamusic Rhythmik & Bodypercussion, Instructional Book

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Instructional Book • Instrument: Drums • Author: Dieter Wöhrlin • Language: German • Level: medium • Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) • Pages: 110 • Year of publication: 2007 • Including: CD • An educational and instructional book and curriculum based on Rhythmik & Bodypercussion exercises without any knickknack, which teaches noteworthy information about rhythmic. It’s a broad guideline for university-, music-school and maths teachers, students, pupils and ambitioned autodidacts printed by Codamusic. The 112 pages and CD offer didactic, sensible structured single- and group exercises, new rhythm concepts, practical and compact note assistance to practice and teach, listening examples and play-alongs. This is a standard work for drummers and percussionists.