Clavia Nord Stage 2 Compact

Clavia Nord Stage 2 Compact, Stage Piano

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Stage Piano • Keyboard type: Waterfall keyboard, light weighted • Keys: 73 keys • Sounds / Tones: 400 programs (including Grand Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner Clavinet, B3, Vox Continental, Farfisa organ emulations, synth section) • Piano Effects: String resonance and damper effects • Polyphony: 40 or 60 voices (stereo or mono piano) • Effects: Wah-wah, phase, chorus, reverb, and amp simulator • Modes: Split, Layer • Special features: 500 MB Samples • Connections: 1 x Phones, Line in, Line out (4 and assignable), 4 Pedals, Midi (in/out), USB to Host • USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out, USB to Host • Display: LCD • Colour / Finish: Red • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1105 x 106 x 302 mm • Weight: 9,7 kg • Including: Power cable, user manual • Featuring a 73 Key, Semi-Weighted Waterfall keyboard, the Stage 2 SW73 Stage Piano from Nord offers most of the features of the HA76 and HA88 with a lighterweight compact frame. Utilizing Nord’s award winning Organ, Piano, and Synth technologies, the Stage 2 series of Nord's Stage Pianos adds new sounds and features and utilizing their very latest sound generation technologies for Piano, Organ and Synthesizer combined with a well thought-out, user friendly interface setting itself apart as an instrument for the professional performing musician. The 73-note fully-weighted keyboard Clavia Nord Stage 2 Compact stage piano features three sound generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesizer of which can be used simultaneously, or two sounds from each section can be combined in a single program. The Nord Stage 2 Compact piano section provides 500 MB memory of sample-based acoustic grand and upright pianos and electric pianos including grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and others with string resonance and selectable piano release. The Nord Stage 2 organ section is based on the latest Generation 3 Nord Organ C2 B3 model with 380 MB sample memory simulations of including Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Farfisa organs, a rotary speaker model with slow, fast and stop modes, and draw buttons with LED bar graphs. The Synth Section includes Analogue, FM and Wavetable synthesis, sample playback, apeggiator and master clock. Sound generators and controls of the Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano are grouped in dedicated Piano, Organ and Synth sections with no deep menus or complicated screens. All vital functions are controlled by dedicated single-function knobs. The Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano is compatible with the Nord Sample Library and Nord Sample Editor software to create instrument samples. Nord Sound Manager is loads the Nord Stage 2 with pianos, samples, and makes backups of program memories. Nord Sample Editor allows you to use an audio recording as an oscillator source in the synthesizer section. Import any standard audio file to the Nord Sample Editor software, map it to a key. The Piano and Synth section of the Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano are Nord Piano Library compatible. The Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano functions as a master keyboard to control external MIDI device. Zones, splits and layers are handled as if the external equipment was a part of the Stage 2 itself. Settings are saved together with a Program so setups can be recalled in real-time during a performance. Use the Extern Section to automatically transmit Bank Select and Program Change messages to external units. Organ, Piano and Synth sections of the Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano can be routed through the built-in effects. Turning the effects on and off, and controlling the routing is done via dedicated buttons at the bottom of each effects unit. Effects include chorus, flanger, phaser, auto wah, pedal wah, tremol, vibe, pan, ring modulation, 3-band EQ with sweepable mid, amplifier and speaker simulations including a Twin Reverb, a Jazz Chorus 120 and a Wurlitzer speaker, and six modes of master reverb plus a compressor. The Master Clock function of the Clavia Nord Stage 2 stage piano allows sync=-ing effects to other elements, like the arpeggiator, LFO or other effects. The Master Clock can also be controlled by an external MIDI clock for syncing your parts to a backing track, including tempo changes. Other features of the Nord Stage 2 Compact stage piano include four configurable output, 1/8-inch CD MP3 monitor input for listening to external sources, MIDI over USB, four banks x 20 pages x five programs for 400 program locations, 3-zone split keyboard, multiple layers and dual sounds, global program transpose,pitch bend and mod wheel,and aftertouch.
  • Organ section with reproductions of three classic organ models; B3, Vox and Farfisa
  • Piano section with acoustic grand and upright pianos, tine-based electric pianos, Wurlitzer electric pianos, Clavinet, and Electric Grand
  • Synth section with sample playback, FM, analog-style and digital waveforms in a subtractive synthesis architecture
  • Comprehensive effects section
  • 73 note semi-weighted waterfall keyboard with aftertouch
  • Extern section for controlling external MIDI instruments
  • Morph feature for applying multiple parameter changes to a sound with controller
  • Splits and layers are easily set up by assigning instruments to Keyboard Zones
Clavia Nord