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Shubb Western C1 Chrom « CapoShubb Western C1 Chrom, Capo€ 16,90 Shubb  12-string C3 Chrome « CapoShubb 12-string C3 Chrome, Capo€ 16,90 Shubb 12-saitig C3 Noir « CapoShubb 12-saitig C3 Noir, Capo€ 22,90 Shubb C7B « CapoShubb C7B, Capo€ 25,- Shubb Western C1 Noir « CapoShubb Western C1 Noir, Capo€ 17,90 Shubb  Replacement Rubber « CapoShubb Replacement Rubber, Capo€ 2,50 Shubb  Classic C2 Chrome « CapoShubb Classic C2 Chrome, Capo€ 17,90


Since it's introduction to the market in 1980, the Shubb capo still is top notch. The easy single-hand use, the non-complicated adaption to the guitar's neck and the solid, lightweight design made it the most popular capo of all times. Shubb capos are available in different sizes.