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Schlagwerk Fineline CP605 « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP605, Cajon€ 351,- Schlagwerk Fineline CP604 « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP604, Cajon€ 359,- Schlagwerk Fineline CP608 Comfort Dark Night « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP608 Comfort Dark Night, Cajon€ 359,- Schlagwerk Fineline CP609 Comfort Tineo « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP609 Comfort Tineo, Cajon€ 359,- Schlagwerk Fineline CP60 « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP60, Cajon€ 29,- Schlagwerk Fineline CP604 Used « CajonSchlagwerk Fineline CP604 Used, Cajon€ 250,-


The most visually striking feature in the Cajon Fineline series is the body with the soft curves. This design guarantees the player comfortable playing. The resonance box also supports the distinct sound characteristics of the Mocca playing surface, which is made from shaved precious woods. A specially for these two playing surfaces designed snare wires give the sound an individual note and the instrument an incredibly delicate response. Overall, the Cajon Fineline series is impressive in design and sound quality with a unique overall aesthetic