Boss GT-10B

Boss GT-10B, Multi Effects Bass

Item number: 100052047
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Multi Effects Bass • Bass multi-effects pedal • Dozens of bass centric effects and COSM amp models • EZ TONE intuitive tone creation system uses graphic icons • Parallel effects chains can be blended or layered • Phrase looper for sound on sound effects • USB capability offers streaming audio in real time and MIDI data transfer • Comes equipped with pro connections including XLR outputs as well as 1/4" jacks • Bass players can enjoy the same processing and flexibility of the GT-10 with the bass-designed Boss GT-10B multi-effects pedal. Massive power of BOSS' latest DSP and know-how of sound modelling based on COSM provide effects and features for bass players. With a Parallel Effects Chain, Phrase Looper, and EZ Tone features, the Boss GT-10B bass multi-effects pedal is clearly the most advanced bass station on the market. The BOSS GT-10B bass effects processor puts the processing power of BOSS right at your feet and provides everything from solid bass tones to otherworldly sounds, all with the easy-to-use functions of the Boss GT-10B. Eight footswitches with indictor lights combine with an expression pedal, lit buttons, easy-access knobs, and a large visual display. The GT-10B also provides USB connectivity for real-time audio and MIDI streaming. Tone creation is more than easy with the GT-10B. The EZ Tone wizard lets bass players unlock their full creative potential with its unique interactive approach to programming. The Boss GT-10B bass multi-effects pedal provides dozens of effects algorithms and COSM amp models with careful attention given to the needs of bass guitar players. Indispensable effects for bass, including pro-grade Comp/Limiter, EQ, and OD/DS, compliment the full range of effects offerings onboard, from essential to esoteric. Get the best out of your bass with the incredible Boss GT-10B bass multi-effects pedal.