Behringer XM1800S 3-Pack

Behringer XM1800S 3-Pack, Microphone

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Microphone • Vocal / Instrument • Type: Handheld Microphone • Transducer principle: Dynamic • Pickup pattern: Supercardioid • Frequency range: 80 Hz - 15 kHz • Open circuit sensitivity: 2,5 mV/Pa • Features: On / Off switch • On/Off switch •
Extremely high signal output lets •
Ultra-low distortion • Presence lift in critical mid-range •
Exceptional off-axis rejection •
Super rugged construction •
Foam-lined, impact-resistant carrying case included • Microphone stand adapter included • Transducer type: Dynamic • Frequency response: 80 Hz - 15 kHz • Pickup pattern: Super cardioid • Impedance: 600 Ohms • Sensitivity: -52 dBV (0 dBV =1 V/Pa), 2.5 mV/Pa •
Connector: 3-pin balanced XLR (male) • The DYNAMIC MICROPHONE XM1800S is a high-quality dynamic microphone for vocal and instrumental applications. Just because you´re on a limited budget, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance. If you are a serious musician, DJ or all-around entertainer, the Behringer XM1800S is definitely the right mic for you. The XM1800S features an extremely high signal output that makes your voice cut through, and ultra-low distortion provides for super-clean sound. Presence lift in the critical mid-range gives you maximum voice projection, while exceptional off-axis rejection eliminates feedback problems. Super rugged construction copes with your toughest live assignments, and a foam-lined impact-resistant carrying case is included. The XM1800S also features an on/off switch. What are handheld vocal microphones? Microphones that you hold in your hands while performing are considered as handheld vocal microphones. These microphones have to fulfil certain criteria. They need to offer high feedback-rejection and most of them feature cardioid, supercardioid or hypercardioid polar patterns. In addition they are required to provide a rugged construction, full bass and crispy highs. Their frequency response is usually tailored, because these microphones are designed for vocal pickup. Models featuring a high proximity effect are frequently used. When choosing a mic, you should also make sure that pop and wind noise as well as handling noise are sufficiently supressed.