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Netvoeding Gitaar/Bas Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply 9V DC
Netvoeding Gitaar/Bas Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply 9V DCNetvoeding Gitaar/Bas Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply 9V DC (1)

Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply 9V DC

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  • Adapter
  • geschikt voor: Effectapparaten, multi-effectapparaten en andere audiocomponenten
  • Ingang Spanning: 100 - 240 V wisselstroom
  • Uitgangsspanning: 9 V gelijkstroom
  • Aantal uitgangen: 1
  • Type uitgangsverbinding:: Inbouwdoos(ken) voor laagspanning holle connectoren (barrel)
  • USB-stroom zoeken: Nee
  • Vermogen: 9 V/1700 mA
  • Kabellengte: 300 cm
  • Leveringsomvang: Voedingseenheid

Truetone 1 Spot Power Supply 9V DC · Netvoeding Gitaar/Bas

What´s a 1 SPOT?

A 1 SPOT is the original 9V adapter that only takes up ONE SPOT on an outlet strip or wall outlet. It solves an annoying problem that people have complained about for years!

Only takes up ONE position on your outlet strip or wall outlet!!
Handles from one to over a dozen guitar pedals (1000mA max!)
Use with optional multi-plug cable(s) for powering more than one pedal.
Guaranteed to work with any equipment that uses one of the following adapters (over 90% of the effects pedals on the market!):
Boss PSA, Boss ACA, Danelectro DA-1, DOD PS-200R, Dunlop ECB-03, Ibanez AC-109, Korg A30950, Morley 9V, Zoom AD-0006.**
With new converter plugs, the 1 SPOT will work with virtually ANY 9V pedal! ...even Line 6 modeling pedals! **
Will even convert international voltage (100V-240V) automatically; no transformer needed!
3 meter (10´) cable is almost twice as long as other adapter cable

Truetone 1 Spot

De Truetone 1 Spot-serie omvat moderne voedingen in schakeltechnologie, van plug-in voedingen tot meerdere voedingen op het pedaalbord met afzonderlijk geïsoleerde uitgangen en hoge prestaties.


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