Latin Percussion Double Sambago Bell

Latin Percussion Double Sambago Bell

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  • Produktcode: LP617
  • Consists of 2 bells, High & Low Pitch
  • Materiaal: Kunststof
  • Montagebeugel: ja
  • Kleur / Finish: Lila/Oranje
  • Gemaakt in: USA
  • Bijzonderheden: Dubbele rij
  • Inbegrepen: Stuk

Latin Percussion Double Sambago Bell · Agogobell

Latin Percussion LP617 LP Double Sambago
Bells, Mountable

These bells trace their roots back to Africa and then to the metal Agogo Bells played throughout Brazil.

LP introduced the wooden Agogo Bell in the 1960´s to extend the tonal range of this traditional instrument. The use of high impact plastic in the creation of LP SambagoTM Bells delivers a crisp and consistent sound unlike any existing instrument.

The hand-held version of the LP Sambago™ Bell have a carefully designed handle that accommodates all hand sizes from children to adults. The mountable version quickly and easily attaches to any 3/­8" diameter mounting rod with the included LP Eyebolt Assembly.

The LP Sambago Bells are pitched so that they have complimentary tones - high and low - approximately one minor third apart. Their brilliant sound combined with their bold, colorful look makes them perfect for the professional percussionist yet simple enough for the novice musician.


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