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Microfoonstatief K&M 27105 Microphone stand

K&M 27105 Microphone stand

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  • Statief met galg
  • Schroefdraadverbinding: 3/8"
  • Voetconstructie: Inklapbare poten
  • Materiaal: Staal
  • Materiaal Onderstel: Kunststof
  • Kleur: Zwart
  • Hoogte: 900 - 1600 mm
  • Galg ontwerp: Een Stuk
  • Boomlengte: 805 mm
  • Grootte (gevouwen): 105 x 85 x 960 mm
  • Inbouwmaten (ø): 720 mm
  • Kabelbevestiging: Klemmen
  • Gewicht: 2,32 kg
  • Leveringsomvang: Microfoonstandaard

K&M 27105 Microphone stand · Microfoonstatief

K&M 27105 Microphone Stand with Boom Black
This inexpensive K & M stand has professional features including a fibreglass-reinforced plastic base with foldable legs. Complete with boom arm.

Secure booms, heavy-duty construction, durable finish, and a sturdy base are features found in all K&M mic and boom packages.
This package combines a lightweight, glass-fiber reinforced resin base stand with a fixed boom.

Height Adjustment: Proven clutch design for easy adjustment and reliable locking.
Secure Booms: Rubber washers and easy-to-grip knobs fasten booms securely.
Heavy Duty Construction: Heavy gauge steel stand is very stable
Durable Finish: Plastic inserts prevent metal-to-metal contact and protect the finish
Folds Easily And Compactly
Sturdy Base: Stands with cast alloy sockets have stress-absorbing inserts to protect legs, reduce vibration and increase stabilty.

About K&M

It is fascinating to observe the development, construction and manufacturing of K&M´s products: Approximately 1000 products consisting of almost 25,000 component parts, constructional data being directly transferred to production; computer-controlled machinery such as presses, stamping and milling machines, automatic lathes and injection molding machines – what role does the human being play? It is of the highest responsibility that K&M´s employees take over during all operations and production. It is a balance of innovating technology, experience and their employees´ know-how which guarantee K&M´s success.

K&M´s greatest asset is unquestionably the professional skills of their workers. Not only do 260 employees work for them in an area of 15,000m2, but they also have a sense of well-being. In the last few years numerous employees were honored for their 10th to 45th anniversary with the company. Production flexibility and diversification in neighboring industry branches ensure job security. K&M´s location ensures a good quality of life.

K&M´s various manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art filtering and recycling systems to help them reduce harmful emissions and conserve precious natural resources. When finishing their products K&M uses an environmentally friendly powder-coating. Remaining powder is recycled and reinserted into the production process. The electroplating plant also implements the most up-to-date technology.


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